The building in which Casey's Place resides was constructed in 1870 by the Bovee family, and hence is known as the "Bovee building". It was run as a dry goods store for many years with much evidence of that still remaining in the building. Numerous items such as old wooden shipping crates, candy, and textiles, etc., all with the name  "Bovee Alleghany" marked on them were scattered throughout the building. They are presently all on display throughout the bar.

In 1929 the store was purchased by Edda Casey's family who owned it until the 1970's. The bar came about with prohibition in the form of a "Speakeasy" underneath the building with the upstairs remaining a dry goods store as a "front". With the end of prohibition in 1935 came the end of the store and the bar was moved upstairs once and for all. Over the years, several people leased the bar from the Casey family. In the late 1970's, Mel & Becky purchased Casey's Place and ran it until 2002 when they retired and sold it to the present owners, Mark and Caree Loving. 

During the summer of 2002, Caree had the interior refurbished and redecorated,  added a full kitchen, and has stocked the bar with the best liquors available. Casey's Place is now being frequented by numerous folks from all the neighboring towns and attracting many a tourist. In the future, Casey's Place even plans to refurbish 2 guest rooms upstairs and an old miner's cabin in the back which will be available for guest rental.

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